Podcast Interview: Values Coaching, Personal Growth, Mental Health

Written by Guy Reichard

October 18, 2021

My First (Real) Podcast

A couple of months back, I was offered an opportunity to be a guest on a popular podcast called The Daily Path with Joe Winters Jr. It was my first ‘real’ podcast, as the one I had been on before was actually a coaching challenge I offered one of my clients. He was wanting to start his own podcast on personal growth and spirituality and so I challenged him to simply begin where he was. He accepted the challenge and at the same time challenged me by offering me to be his first guest!

It was a wonderful experience and we both took away a lot from it… that being said, we both decided not to launch the episode but promised that we’d do another more polished one in the future.

Jump forward a few months and that’s when I did the interview with Podcast Coach & Keynote Speaker, Joe Winters Jr.

It was a terrific experience. He’s an amazing host and interviewer with a lot of presence, wisdom and compassion. We resonate on many of the same topics and this came to life in our interview.

We got the chance to speak about:

  • What brought me to coaching and how I got started
  • My new(er) coaching company – HeartRich
  • One of the most important pieces of work I offer my clients – Values Coaching
    • What Values are
    • Developing Values
    • Living and honoring your values in daily life
  • What one of my biggest obstacles has been as an entrepreneur
    • Vulnerability Alert: my own mental health
  • A bit about how I use parts work in coaching (Internal Family Systems) and living from our true selves
  • Personal Development, Balance & more

Here’s a clip from our talk.

The rest of the video is reserved only for students of the Daily Path Academy but the full audio is included below. I’m not a student and have no incentive to promote his work but I do so because he is the real deal. A hard-working, honest, wise person of great integrity and strong values of his own. Please visit https://www.dailypathacademy.com to learn more.


Listen to the whole show below or tune in on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Looking forward to your comments or questions if you have any.

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Choose: Are you moving away or towards?
Choose: Are you moving away or towards?

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