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Fostering a World with More Presence, Wisdom & Love

What HeartRich Is All About

As a company or brand, HeartRich is relatively new on the scene but it’s been a labor of love, and necessity, for quite some time.

To be fully transparent, HeartRich was born out of my own search for answers and solutions. Answers about why we suffer, or why some of us suffer more than others in the same circumstances. And, solutions to alleviate needless suffering, improve our satisfaction with life and with ourselves, and ways to increase inner peace and well-being, so we can actualize our full potential and make this one life the best it can possibly be and be mindful enough to actually enjoy it now.

This search has led me on many divergent paths, studying different schools of thought in psychology and science, even some esoteric and mystical. What I’ve done was find what’s similar – what overlaps and connects – and what works or has beneficial effects.

Surprise, right? The heart was at the center of everything – from ancient texts to modern science.

What people implicitly trusted then, and what we need to remember now, is that we can leverage the power of our incredible hearts to help us shape our experience of life in the moment, and lead rich and meaningful lives.

What has also been at the center of nearly everything I’ve researched, studied & practiced for the past decade has been trauma. At first, I didn’t know that’s what I was looking for but it found me and kept finding me everywhere I looked. I believe in the next few years, we will all have a greater, deeper and broader understanding of trauma and how it is affecting each of our lives in many ways – psychologically, physically, relationally, and spiritually.

Over the years, I’ve implemented and practiced dozens of strategies, techniques and tools to try to help myself with anxiety, depression, stress, pain, fatigue, and the effects those conditions had on my life. Some worked better than others. When I was certain, from research and experience, I offered the ones that worked well with my clients and friends (those who were seeking such help and guidance) as options, and if they truly tested them, I took note of the ones that worked well for them.

Through HeartRich, a Trauma-Informed Coaching & Training platform, I share these principles, strategies, techniques and tools (and new ones that will come) with anyone who wishes to enrich their lives with more presence, wisdom, love, purpose, peace, positivity, resilience, and well-being.

Who’s at the Heart of This?

Coach / Guide / Mentor / Friend

My name is Guy Reichard, and I am HeartRich, for now. My vision is of a world with more presence, wisdom and love.

My mission is to help at least 1 million people learn to connect to their hearts to cultivate love, peace and presence within, so they can be a positive, powerful and loving influence on their families, communities, and environments.

As a coach, mentor and trainer for over 10 years, I’ve worked with individuals & businesses who crave more meaning, purpose, fulfillment and well-being. I help them discover their authentic selves, and clarify their deepest values to guide them in actualizing their expression of the change they wish to see in the world.

I work with the whole person, and their whole life to help people learn how to manage their inner worlds better and lead themselves and others in more heart-centered, effective and empowering ways.

I will share more in the blog in the months & years ahead and hope this is enough for now.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you or your family or company become Heart Rich and, to learning from you too.

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