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Inner Leadership Skills for Resilience & Wellbeing (for Anxious Overthinkers Who Get Stuck in their Heads)

The HeartRich Resilience Fundamentals

If we look back and ask ourselves, how did we get here? We’ll see that we weren’t properly equipped to deal with the amount of stress we’ve been carrying for as long as we have.

Most of us have never been taught any skills to manage our thoughts or emotions or state of being – our inner worlds were off base. Everything we learned in school was about the outer world.

We need a new strategy, new tools, and some new skills to deal with life differently. We need to learn and practice skills that cultivate mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being, not just physical.

If you are one who tends to get stuck in your head, experience too much stress, anxiety or other painful patterns, how would you like to learn… ?

  • How to get calm, centered & grounded, at will?
  • How to manage your thoughts better and have more clarity?
  • How to be truly present (and patient) for yourself and for others?
  • How to process and make sense of your emotions? especially the difficult and troubling ones?
  • How to improve your responses to stress so you can reduce or prevent overwhelm and burnout?
  • How to find yourself again after living under too much stress for too long?
  • How to live more from the heart?

The Fundamentals will help you learn ways to manage your inner world, better!

In whole life coaching, I guide and support people on their journeys of personal growth and self leadership, so they can create an authentic, rich and meaningful life.

The journey of self discovery and personal growth is very much like the Hero’s Journey. It’s the challenging process of becoming who we really want to be, while shedding away the parts of us that may have served us in the past but now only block us from living freely, authentically and courageously.

This is no easy process. It takes a lot of inner strength, courage, self compassion and more to get through it successfully.


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
~Viktor Frankl


Cultivating Inner Leadership for Resilience & Wellbeing

What’s become clear, is that if we are able to regulate ourselves, that is manage our energy, our mindset and attitudes, and consciously halt certain automatic maladaptive reactions, we can choose our responses to life with more care & intention. If we can do that, we will meet our challenges and grow as a result, leading to greater fulfillment.

For those who want to grow, to fully be themselves, to create a rich, meaningful and fulfilling life, as well as, for those whose lives have become dominated by chronic stress, unrelenting pressure to keep up, mental health challenges, and feel the grip of anxiety, overwhelm, burnout  or depression starting to take over their lives, we have The HeartRich Resilience Fundamentals of Inner Leadership.

What are the Fundamentals?

This one-on-one training program offers an approach and a toolkit of effective and powerful principles and practices that help you develop presence and increase your resilience so you can leverage the ‘space’ to choose your response – to choose how you wish to live.

What is Presence?

Presence is a sense of really being here now, conscious, aware, alert, grounded, centered, balanced, whole, patient, content, in-flow. A state that’s optimal for yourself and for others around you.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to come back to our true selves in a state of calm after challenges, adversity, stress, pain or setbacks. Having resilience and being confident about your resilience capacity changes your whole approach to life. You no longer avoid challenge or fear or pain – you face it and know that you grow stronger from it.

“Get out of your head, drop into your heart, take charge of your life!”

The Fundamental Capacities & Skills You’ll Develop

Please take a minute or two to fully consider how having and using the skills below will impact your life:

  • To be more conscious & aware on a more regular basis. To be an astute observer of one’s own mental, emotional and physical states.
  • To be able to get out of one’s head, ego, and world of illusion, into the present moment, grounded, centered, balanced, coherent, clear, focused, intentional, optimal – living here, now, at peace with the moment.
  • To be able to halt a habitual, maladaptive/ineffective/unworkable/draining reaction or pattern before it starts and to choose a higher, more optimal and effective response in alignment with your values and goals.
  • To be able to shift not only your perspectives but your perception and interpretation of an event, situation, person, dilemma, challenge.
  • To be able to generate feelings of peace, positivity, openness, hopefulness and appreciation in the moment – to learn how to feel good.

In each and every one of the fundamentals above, we can use the heart as a gateway or the lever to presence, power, and positivity.

Question: What would you do with these skills? How would your experience of life change?

“My sessions with Guy were invaluable, and a solid investment to all aspects of my life. I will continue to use Guy’s teachings to improve, maintain a positive outlook on a daily basis and to centre myself when things happen – which they inevitably will and that’s ok, as I am now much better equipped to deal with any issues as they arise. ”
~ A. Cooper, Toronto

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“I was thrilled at how fast I started to feel better within myself after my first appointment with Guy.”
~ S. Gill

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“The biggest thing you helped me with was how to take a step back and think outside my initial, automatic thoughts and reactions. Kind of like taming my gremlin, now when something happens where I face a challenge, I take a step back and shift my perspective and it reveals new options for me, whereas before I was stuck. I find that ability is what I really needed.”
~ Artem K.

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Resilience & Inner Leadership Coaching Toolkit:

Self Connection

Learn to connect with the deepest part of you, the true self and be there/here for yourself. Become the observer or witness of all your inner experiences (thoughts, emotions, sensations, urges) and all your parts (critics, gremlins and all).

Enjoy this way of being and discover that it renews you with vitality and inner peace.

Activating Presence

Learn to wake yourself up from automatic pilot & absent mindedness, be aware, alert and mindful (attending to your present moment experience in optimal ways, e.g. without judgment).

Learn to just be here now and give the gift of your presence to others (and yourself of course).



Learn to be open to your full experience, any emotion, including anxiety, sadness, pain or joy. Learn to override the automatic impulse to resist, deny or avoid certain experiences and instead learn to let yourself experience them in a supportive way. This helps us be who we want to be even if we experience some fear, anxiety & pain along the way.

Over time, this actually makes us much less prone to anxiety and other distressing states of being.


Thought Management (Defusion)

Learn to manage your thoughts, especially the ones that get in the way of you being who you really want to be. Spot stinkin’ thinkin’ and any other difficult thoughts that reinforce painful emotions and with many creative tools (defusion), you can let those thoughts be there without stopping you from taking valued action towards your goals.

Learning to detach or get distance from your thoughts gives us the space inside to see that our thoughts are just thoughts.

Energy/Vibe Management

Every state of being has a particular vibe (energetic frequency) that’s either coherent or incoherent, weak or strong, positive or negative. Learn to get better at managing and regulating your state of being and how you’re using your energy, in the moment, so you have the best chance to get the best out of yourself.

Learn heart-based practices that involve mind, emotion & physiology so you can fill up your inner batteries, build resilience and be a positive force in the world.


Priming Positivity

Life’s not all positive but it’s not all negative either. Priming positive emotions within yourself, changes your state of being and with it your perspectives & perception. Regular practice makes it easier to activate positive states & expansive perspectives at will. Positive inner states have many benefits to the mind and body.

Give your mind, body and soul highly resonant and life enhancing energy,

These are the fundamentals of resilience and inner leadership – the basic building blocks of a more positive, nurturing, effective and sustainable way of living (inside ourselves), which has innumerable benefits to wellbeing and to our outer lives as well.

What’s Included:

  • Five 1-on-1 Coaching / Training Sessions (90-Minutes each)
  • Course materials – before & after each session
  • Support Calls & Emails
  • A lot of Heart!


$1,250+HST –  Payable in 1-2 installments (interac, paypal)

Covid Discounts available for anyone financially impacted by the pandemic. Just let me know and we’ll work it out.

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