Coaching Exploration Sessions

Let’s chat, heart to heart & see if we’re a good fit

Coaching Exploration Sessions

Fit Matters

If you like the content on this site, that’s a pretty good indication that we’ll be a good fit!

The fit between coaching partners (coach & coachee) is just as important, if not more important than how experienced a coach is.

When I was just starting out professionally, over 14 years ago, I was fortunate enough to have people trust me based just on the information on my website and one phone call – the consultation (what I now call an exploration session).

Fit matters because you’ll want to be able to not only trust your coach but trust that you will share your whole, Authentic Self and not some ‘idealized’ version of yourself. You won’t get as much out of coaching if you don’t show up exactly as you are.

What will I ask you? Basic things like:

  • What would you like to tell me about yourself?
  • What brings you to coaching?
  • What do you really want? Why Do You Want It?
  • What challenges, problems & obstacles do you face?
  • What have you tried in the past to break through those obstacles and challenges?
  • How will you know I’m the coach for you?

Basic but very important questions.

For a limited time, these sessions are free but if you miss it or cancel last minute and want to reschedule, the next one won’t be free. You will have to pay a deposit to secure a new booking, and if you miss that or cancel without notice, you forfeit your deposit.

Also Very Important – Please only fill out the consultation request below if you’re seriously considering coaching and only book a session if you want the coaching for yourself. If you wish to talk about someone you think should get coaching, please don’t sign up below.

Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Coach

HeartRich Founder & Coach Guy Reichard

I’ve completed a few rounds of The Hero’s Journey over the past 20+ years, learning more and becoming more and more of my authentic self with each journey.

I’ve been with the love of my life for 19 years. We live with our cat, Isabel & dog, Charlie just north of Toronto.

I love travel, good coffee, cooking, doing yard-work and fixing things around the house over going to a gym. I’ve been into yoga and meditation for years, and recently picked up Feldenkrais, the Wim Hof Method, and Yoga Nidra (kind of like a super-power-nap).

My values are: Love, Peace, Wellbeing, Freedom, Growth, Truth, Fun, Joy, Wholeness, Purpose, Resilience, Flexibility, and Creativity. You can learn more here.

Sign Up for a Coaching Exploration Session

Just fill in the fields below with as much detail as you can, and submit your request.  If you filled in enough detail, I will get back to you within a day and will send my online calendar for you to book the best time for yourself.

Why don’t I just give you access to my calendar now? Because I’ve learned a couple of things after doing this more than 1000 times.

After you Send Your Message, the page will refresh and show you that it has been sent.
I’ll respond to you within 12-24 hours with some dates & times for our call. Please check your Spam/Junk Folders or add to your safe list.

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