Whole Life, Resilience &
Self Leadership Coaching

Transformational Coaching, Tools & Support to Manage Your Inner World Better so you can Live & Lead from your Authentic Self with Greater Confidence, Purpose & Resilience.

Helping Heart-Centered People Be Who They Are & Create a Life & Career They Love

Through a heart-centered, trauma-informed approach to coaching and personal growth, I partner with smart, caring, high-achieving, meaning-seeking people. People who are looking for ways to cultivate greater presence, resilience, calm and confidence.

They want to be more authentic and free, and are seeking deeper meaning and a fulfilling purpose in their lives but struggle with doubts, resistance and myriad ways of holding themselves back from expressing and experiencing their fullest and highest potential, their Authentic Self.

They are looking for a compassionate, experienced and non-judgmental coach to help them reach the next level, grow and take consistent, positive action forward so they can be who they really are and experience deep fulfillment in their lives.

If this sounds like you and what you’re seeking, please have a look at the coaching & training options below and take me up on my offer for a Coaching Exploration Session to get to know each other, talk about what really matters & see if we’ll be a good fit!

Multiple Coaching Pathways & Approaches

Resilience Training

Develop inner leadership skills &  embrace practical tools that help you live with more awareness, presence, inner balance, clarity, self compassion & freedom.

Cultivate Resilience & Inner Leadership

Whole Life Coaching

Coaching for self discovery & personal growth. Let’s clarify your values, uncover your strengths, and declare your purpose so you can   start to enjoy a rich, whole, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Reshape Your Life, Grow & Thrive

Inner Critic Coaching

Free yourself from the control & abuse of a nasty Inner Critic & other painful, draining patterns preventing you from showing up authentically, confidently & living freely.

Transform & Free Your Inner Critic

Self Leadership Coaching

The ultimate coaching & training journey – discover your Authentic Self, become the loving leader within, dissolve draining patterns, reclaim confidence & wellbeing.

Become Who You Are & Flourish

Compassionate, Trauma-Informed Coaching

All over the world, more and more people are experiencing unrelenting stress, anxiety, pain, burnout and depression than ever before causing a cascade of further negative effects in our lives, families, and communities. We have pushed ourselves beyond our abilities to cope.

A term you will be hearing more frequently in personal development and wellbeing circles is Trauma. Trauma is at the root of many of our physical, psychological, relational and spiritual problems and issues. This understanding must be integrated foundationally into personal development and leadership development.

Trauma disconnects us from our Authentic Selves and that is at the heart of many of our issues that band-aid fixes and positive thinking can’t address and it is even likely that it’s affecting your life, relationships and career today without knowing it.

HeartRich is a Trauma-Informed Coaching and Training platform that takes the nervous system and our various defensive and protective states and strategies into account when coaching and working with change in our lives. This shows up in a lot of important ways including bringing greater compassion, acceptance, understanding, patience, trust and belief in the wholeness of each of my clients and helping them learn to do the same for themselves.

This more Heart Rich approach, helps them feel safe, and as a result, they are able to bring more of their whole selves to our work – and even drive the process from their deeper wants and aspirations instead of their fears, insecurities and survival strategies.

Through HeartRich Coaching, I help heart-centered people makes sense of and manage their inner worlds better – their thoughts and mindsets, emotions and moods, even physiological states and behavior patterns. We build capacities that increase presence, resilience, self-esteem and wellbeing, so they can ultimately lead their lives, on the inside and the outside, from their Authentic Self, hence Self Leadership. 

A Lack of Self & Inner Leadership Drains Our Wellbeing & Resilience

Stacked Stressors

When stressors pile up one on top of another and aren’t resolved, they drain more and more of your energy and resilience each day, making it hard to do everything, which is also a drain.

Self-Critical Inner Chatter

It’s completely normal for the mind to churn incessantly (it loves to think) but we need to learn how to manage the quality of our thoughts because they in turn affect how we feel & behave.

Poor Emotional Regulation

Without cultivating our ability to self regulate (find calm, clarity, inner balance) and process our emotions, we fall victim to disruptive emotional & physiological patterns, and are effectively impaired.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Essential Needs including Transcendence

Unfulfilled Essential Needs

When our essential needs aren’t fulfilled effectively (or at all), we are living under constant stress, which drains our physical, emotional & mental wellbeing.

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Learn the Skills to Manage Your Thoughts, Emotions & Energy Better Helping You Build Resilience & Nurture Wellbeing

Resilience Coaching & Training will help you learn proven strategies, tools & techniques to manage your mind, emotions & energy more effectively, so you can reduce needless suffering & handle your stress more optimally. This life-changing program will help you increase your resilience, enhance your wellbeing, improve your performance and productivity and, enrich your experience of life.

Through Whole Life Coaching, you will clarify and prioritize your core values, so you can better guide the direction of life. Setting goals rooted in Meaning & Purpose, you will get the opportunity to put your Greatest Strengths and undiscovered Gifts to good use through Meaningful Action. You’ll also identify and work on removing the blocks to taking those important actions. Addressing every area of your life that you want to see positive change and growth.

Trauma-Informed Self Leadership Coaching is a blend of all the other approaches (Resilience, Whole Life Personal Growth, Heart Centered Solutions) with the addition of Parts Work, which leverages the highly effective and deeply beautiful approach of Internal Family Systems. Re-connecting with your Authentic Self and becoming the loving leader within your own inner world, and living life more from that place. Leveraging the Heart as a Tool – to help one step back in to Presence & Self Leadership.

What Does The Heart Actually Have to Do With It?

Our hearts are truly as powerful as we’ve imagined and science can finally prove it. We can use the heart to help us regulate our nervous systems – changing our state of being and with it our capacity to choose to be a better version of ourselves, moment to moment.

I help people learn to connect to the physical heart using Polyvagal-Informed resilience building, self-regulation practices.  Heart Rate Variability training helps you learn to generate a state of inner balance and ease, and being in this state improves your overall physical & psychological wellbeing.

I call on the symbolic heart to help you connect to your personal or spiritual core, to tap into who you really are, and to connect to your deepest values, which will guide the way to an authentic, meaningful life.

Become a Heart-Rich Presence to yourself and to those you love and lead.

What People Are Saying

“Through our meaningful sessions, I’ve gained a greater understanding of my own purpose and the things I need to be doing in order to live my life to its highest potential. Guy has the ability to make sense of his clients’ needs and struggles in ways that address the root problems and reasoning for why those inhibiting feelings might be there in the first place – And by simply doing/practicing that, those negative feelings start to dissipate, with a sense of inner satisfaction gained in the end.”

Javan, Toronto

“Whether on the phone or in person, Guy always creates a positive and non-judgemental environment to discuss any topic. I truly appreciate that he knows when to challenge and hold me accountable or when I just need to talk and “vent”. His approach is very personalized and he’s one of these persons whose positive impact in your life cannot be forgotten…”

Saskia, Montreal

“Over the last few months, I’ve worked with Guy to develop healthy coping strategies for dealing with life’s up and downs. It has been a big help. I’m currently going through a job transition, and instead of panicking, I’m reacting calmly and thoughtfully. I think my most significant change has been to stop being overwhelmed by worrisome thoughts to focus instead on appreciating each moment and on being thankful for the people and activities that bring me joy. Thanks, Guy! ”

Blair, Richmond Hill

Within just 2 sessions with Guy Reichard, I started to feel better. My sessions with Guy were invaluable, and a solid investment to all aspects of my life. I will continue to use Guy’s teachings to improve, maintain a positive outlook on a daily basis and to centre myself when things happen – which they inevitably will and that’s ok, as I am now much better equipped to deal with any issues as they arise. I would not hesitate to recommend Guy to anyone, he is truly a beautiful, compassionate, knowledgeable & open-minded soul and I cannot thank him enough for his help and friendship!”

Alishka, Toronto

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