Choose: Are you moving away or towards?

Written by Guy Reichard

May 5, 2021

A Helpful Perspective for Personal Growth

In my resilience training/coaching I share a principle from ACT(Acceptance & Commitment Therapy/Training): that we are always doing something, and that something is either moving us Towards the kind of person we want to be and the kind of life we want to have (Values) or that something is moving us Away from pain, struggle or discomfort as well as away from the kind of person we want to be and the kind of life we want to have (Avoidance).

This quote from The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, by John Maxwell, came to mind:

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

Want to change your life? What’s one thing you do daily that’s more of an Away move than a Towards move?

Moment to moment, become aware that you have a choice – Away or Towards.

Find one thing you do daily that doesn’t serve you and replace it with something you value. Even a modest, micro-step in alignment with your Values gives you something far greater than the temporary relief you get from an Away move.

There’s no judgment here either. You can choose an Away move – just do it consciously and recognize that this might serve you today but isn’t helping you in the long run.

Why the squiggly lines in the image? Because choices are difficult; because we waiver; because nothing’s as simple in application as it appears in a book or a blog post. Life’s hard sometimes but we can still choose.

Away… Towards…

Want to learn what your Towards moves are? Get to know your values – what really matters to you and take a small step in that direction to honor who you really are and to make your life meaningful and fulfilling. Need some help getting clear on your Values? Check out my Self Discovery & Development coaching program.

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