The Hero’s Journey

Coaching The Hero Within

Whole Life Coaching is a journey of self discovery and personal growth, very much like the “Hero’s Journey”

Think about the hero of any story, book or film. Think about the process they go through. Coaching is like going on your own intentional growth journey and you are the hero!

Let me explain a bit.

A man named Joseph Campbell, a mythologist, professor and writer, studied and documented the similarities in myths across different times and cultures.

What Campbell found was that the hero of each myth went through similar stages and ordeals, physically and psychologically in every myth. He called this template or structure the Monomyth. I summarize the stages below – see if you can find where you are on this journey.

a scary looking bridge is at the foot of your call to adventure, will you risk it?

The Call to Adventure & Growth

It’s time to depart from the ordinary and relatively safe world you’ve created but aren’t satisfied with. Adventure is calling and inviting you into the unknown.

Fear of change, pain and loss keep one tethered to the status-quo, and while the call to adventure and self actualization can be refused it isn’t without painful consequences.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you thinking about, and maybe needing some help, with a big change in your life? A new path, career, relationship? A new way of being you?

It’s time to cross the threshold. Make that life-changing (life-starting) decision and leave the old world behind.

  • ~ Quit that crappy job.
  • ~ End that abusive relationship.
  • ~ Take that trip you’ve always dreamed of.
  • ~ Go out and live on your own.
  • ~ Open that business & serve your purpose.

Whatever it is, it’s the start of your intentional journey of personal growth, and there’s no turning back.


It won’t be easy. There are barriers, challenges and obstacles along the way – some in the form of people you know and trust. They’re scared for you and without meaning to, they crush your dreams and scare you out of moving forward. If not them, there are other obstacles that challenge you and test your will.

Many do retreat and try to go back to life the way it was before but after a while find themselves suffering – boredom, anxiety, depression, pain, lack of drive and spirit.

Sometimes, when we’ve been hard hit by the consequences of previous trials, we get stuck and fear trying again. That stuckness causes a lot of suffering.


But all hope is not lost. If one still dares to listen to their heart (soul, higher self, spirit) they find the courage, the strength, and the wisdom they need to forge ahead.

Often, one finds a guide or mentor (or coach, ahem) along the way to guide, teach and inspire them to believe in themselves and their cause.

Again, they set out to reach their destination and they’re confronted with obstacles and challenges that summon and invoke strengths and qualities they didn’t know they had.

The Hero’s Return

And then, victory! The challenge overcome, destination reached, and the goal achieved. But somehow that is now secondary to the greater achievement, that of discovering who they truly are and the purpose they wish to serve in life. OK, it’s not so fast and easy. There’s a lot in between but I hope you get the picture.

The journey is NOT over. No, it’s only round one of a cyclical process that can go on for the rest of one’s life.

In later journeys, one finds even greater gifts and treasures within the mystery of their inner world. For when they can confront and embrace all parts of themselves – the glorious and the exiled – nothing in the outer world can stop them from creating and enjoying an authentic, rich and meaningful life.


Read more about Whole Life Coaching for Self Discovery & Personal Growth for Guidance & Support on your own Hero’s Journey!



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