Coaching With The Heart In Mind

What We Do & Why We Do It

Bringing Heart to Life & Leadership

Coaching with the heart in mind helps people reconnect to their authentic self, so they can live and lead from the heart with presence, wisdom, love & purpose

There is an overload of stress in the world and, for many people, private suffering (anxiety, depression, chronic pain & illness). So many people feel like they’re busting their butts on a never-ending treadmill merely to survive and make it through the day.

No matter their status or achievements, they’re disconnected from what brings meaning, fulfillment and wellbeing to their lives – even though they’re trying so hard to achieve everything they believe will make or keep them happy, secure and healthy.

All that chronic stress takes a toll on a person, and robs them of life itself. No amount of financial wealth or achievement will bring their vitality, joy or mojo back unless they make a dramatic shift in consciousness and being.

Sometimes it seems like we’ve become a society of floating heads. Our Inner Life experiences are often dominated by excessive and incessant thinking and worrying fueled by stress, anxiety and unresolved trauma.

Our thoughts taking on a life of their own – judging us, criticizing, shaming, and for some, terrorizing. Our many ails are often caused by what many are calling a ‘Misuse of the Imagination’. For many, the mind has become a prison or a living hell.

Stress itself has become an epidemic and burnout has recently been added to the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases: a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

Why Coach with the Heart in Mind?

Through Trauma-Informed Coaching approaches, HeartRich helps people shift from living in stress and survival mode to living from your Authentic Self, so you can become the conscious and heart-centered creator of a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.

By helping each person reconnect with the power of their hearts and return to their True Self, they can shift their state of mind and body so they can experience a more grounded, centered, compassionate and confident state of being. In other words, a Heart Rich Presence.

By tuning in to our rich hearts, we have incredible power to influence and shape the world we live in, in positive, life-enhancing ways.

It’s really about time we transform the fear and resistance of tending to our emotional sides into Powerful and Transformative Wisdom. Not by making it all heady and scientific but by removing the major blocks to realizing the inherent power and value of our more emotional and soulful sides. The biggest blocks being fear and ignorance.

We are not just physical beings – we are energetic beings. We are mind, body, emotion and spirit.

To realize our full potential as human beings, we need to use all the gifts we’ve been given, we need to embrace our totality, vulnerability and all, so we can enjoy and give back the greatest gifts we can to humanity – our authentic selves.

What Brings You to Coaching? What do you want to focus on?

HeartRich offers a holistic array of coaching and training of tools, skills & practices to better manage your inner world, so you can better enjoy your outer world. We like to break down this offering into several key branches or focus areas.


A holistic approach to embracing your life purpose and inherent gifts. A transformational journey bringing you back home – back to your heart and soul – so you can live full-on in every area of your life. Authentic, congruent, free, purposeful.


A special focus on relationships – connection – compassion – helping people be true to themselves, love themselves, so they can truly love another (or everyone) with honesty, love, integrity, compassion, intimacy, courage.


A special focus on how we can serve humanity through our work. Tapping in to our greatest natural strengths, purpose, gifts, talents, skills, experience, and wisdom to find ways of working that align with our values, vision & mission, and that engages us so we feel we’re making a positive difference.


A special focus on developing our power of presence and positive influence. Helping each person tap into their own hearts & most meaningful ways of being. Cultivating authenticity, compassion, empathy, support, positivity, emotional & social intelligence.

What Can You Learn & Develop In Yourself



Developing your capacity to focus your attention in specific ways



Fully being here now, in mind, heart & body


Mind-Body Self Regulation

Dynamically calming, balancing, centering the mind & body

Stress Management & Transformation

Managing stress levels & changing old patterns internally & externally

Lead Your Inner Critic & Other Inner Selves

Compassionately guiding & supporting all our inner parts


Loving Leadership & Influence

Guiding others in the same ways we guide our selves; with love


Emotional & Psychological Resilience

Learn to prepare for, recover from, or adapt to stress & adversity


Values, Purpose & Vision

Know what matters, what you’re here for & the world you want to create


How to Meet Your Deeper Needs

Increasing awareness of your needs & improving how you get them met


Nurture Positive Emotion & Fulfillment

Generating beneficial, regenerative emotions & meaningful experiences

What & Who Informs Our Approach?

A holistic blend of the greatest teachers that have come before us and the many intrepid iconoclasts of today – here’s a varied assortment of examples:

Adler & Co-Active Coaching, Performance Coaching, Positive Psychology, Presence-Based Coaching, Body Centered Coaching, Non-Violent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg, Emotional Intelligence, NeuroLeadership, The Heartmath Institute, Mindfulness & Meditation, Human Givens Institute,  ACT – Acceptance & Commitment Therapy,  Eckhart Tolle,  Values Work, Rick Carson Gremlin Tamer, Hal & Sidra Stone – Voice Dialogue, Richard Schwartz – Internal Family Systems, Parts Work, Roberto Assagioli  Psychosynthesis Transpersonal Psych, Trauma Psychology, Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Stanley Rosenberg, Polyvagal Informed Exercises, The Tools, CPTSD – Pete Walker, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Weil, Brian Johnson, Energy Psychology, EFT-Tapping, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza, Daniel Siegel, Norman Doidge, Pia Mellody, Terry Real, David Hawkins, Marlena Field, Hilary Jacobs Hendel, Rick Hanson, Gabor Mate, Integrative Functional  Medicine, Brene Brown,  Anodea Judith, Joseph Campbell, MBSR, EMDR,  Pain Reprocessing Therapy, SIRPA, and more.

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