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As a HeartRich life coach in Toronto, someone who deeply cares about people living authentic, fulfilling lives, I work with the kind of people who are finally ready to be who they are and live life on their own terms but experience a lot of struggle and inner resistance doing so. People who want more of the following (see if any resonate with you);

  • To understand themselves and know who they really are, what they want & need, and why they do what they do,
  • To have a greater sense of meaning & purpose in their lives,
  • To have more certainty and clarity and gain power from knowing their purpose, values, passions and strengths,
  • To enjoy the freedom to be their authentic, whole selves, warts and all,
  • To be able to transform stress in positive ways & have more resilience and energy,
  • To have greater balance among their many priorities and values, and make hard choices from the heart,
  • To be more confident, courageous, assertive & real in their relationships both at home and at work,
  • To deal with their inner emotional life in healthier and more functional ways,
  • To discover & overcome the fears and the limiting beliefs or burdens holding them back from all of the above!

As your life coach, I will guide you, support you, encourage you, and help you realize just how awesome you really are, and I’ll help you get out of your own way, so you can build and experience a life that makes you feel at peace, gratified and fulfilled!

Why Are You Seeking a Coach?

Nobody really wants a coach but people come to coaching because, to put it simply, they realize they could use some help making their lives better.

Below are a variety of situations or reasons why people come to life coaching – often they are feeling:

Coaching Options
  • Whole Life Coaching
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Anxiety Coaching
  • Inner Critic Coaching
  • Self Sabotage Coaching
  • Resilience Coaching
  • Mindfulness Coaching
  • Lost or stuck and are getting sick and tired of it
  • Confused or conflicted about what they really want – or not knowing at all what they want
  • A yearning for greater meaning and purpose
  • Like a failure or a fraud
  • Too much stress and anxiety and worry for far too long
  • A need for more balance, wholeness & richness in their lives
  • Like they are their own worst enemy and worst critic
  • The stifling grip of perfectionism is robbing them of success, peace and happiness
  • A desire for a new career or calling but are scared to change the course of their lives
  • Stuck in relationships or draining relationship patterns
  • A deep need to be more confident, clear, courageous & assertive
  • Like they want to finally be who they really are

So How Does This Work?

Coaching Exploration Session

It all starts with a Coaching Exploration Session – a pressure free opportunity for us to get to know each other. Truly, I will learn more about you, where you’re at in life, what you want to change, create or transform, what gets you stuck and how you might be getting in your own way, and a lot more. At the same time, you’ll be learning what it’s like to be coached by me and if you feel comfortable and actually enjoy it, that’ll be the greatest sign you can have that we’ll be a good fit.

By the end of our call, I’ll share an approach that I feel reflects your needs and preferences and then you’ll be able to take that away and decide if you want to move forward together.


If you choose to work with me, what comes next will be a Discovery Period. You’ll be sent a reflective questionnaire and a set of assessments like the Character Strengths survey and a couple of others that help you (and me) get to know yourself. Then, we have our first session called the Discovery Session and we explore your responses and ultimately come out of it with more awareness and clarity about the directions you want to move towards.

Since I coach people who are seeking Personal Development (ultimately to grow and flourish in their lives), there are a few foundational areas that I introduce people to and we do some very important work on things like Personal Values, Essential Needs, Life Vision, Strengths & Gifts, Meaning & Purpose, Fears & Limiting Beliefs, and more.

Custom Tailored Approach

That said, your life coaching journey should be unique and customized for your. Ultimately, the responsibility of deciding what you want to work on and develop should be yours, not anyone else’s. That way, you are taking a stand for what matters to you and I will share the tools and pathways to help you get there.

What that means is that aside from the foundational sessions, you can bring any topic, issue, challenge, predicament, problem, desire, or goal you feel matters to you and using a heart-centered and compassionate coaching approach, we will work together to:

  • get clear on what you want and why you want it – the outcome, change or results you’re seeking
  • understand what’s at stake
  • get a sense of the potential fears, obstacles or limiting beliefs involved
  • tap in to your values, strengths and gifts
  • create a solution or approach and be clear on the next steps you’re ready to commit to
  • set up supportive structures, habits, practices and the like to increase the probability of success – including accountability

Then you live your life, do your work, take your steps and next time we check back in on your progress and not only distill the lessons you’ve learned but we celebrate your learnings and your wins!

If you didn’t ‘succeed’ – with compassion and without judgment, we’ll find the learning and will readjust your approach as necessary.

Coaching Investment

I prefer coaching people who, once they have faith and trust in a helping provider, are willing to work together for at least 6 months or longer. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and have worked with hundreds of people, and find that starting with a series of about 10-12 sessions makes for a great start. Most people will find they feel a lot better about themselves and their lives, will have reached a few of their important goals, and are ready to continue the personal growth journey from a stronger, more authentic foundation.

A program consisting of 10 sessions would run about $2500-$3000 (depending on the length of sessions – some people only want 60-minute sessions and others want 90-120 minute sessions) and will be payable in monthly installments of around $500.

For the remainder of the year, due to Covid, I am offering a discounted package – combining The HeartRich Fundamentals resilience training program plus 10 Whole Life Coaching sessions for $3600 – tax included. Extra discounts may be available.

Next Step?

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