Tools for Managing Our Inner Worlds

A Better Outer World Starts With a Better Inner World

Managing Your Inner World

Truly, life can be very hard and stressful, and it isn’t getting any easier. Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century and there is no clear end in sight. Burnout is on the rise and this is having widespread effects on individuals, families, businesses, and society as a whole.

“It’s no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”~ J Krishamurti

In a nutshell, as our answer to the call to help alleviate needless suffering (mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual) and make a positive difference in the world, using a heart-centered approach, we provide proven tools, practices, and pathways to help people grow and create an authentic, rich, meaningful & fulfilling life.

We wish to see a world with healthy, happy, fulfilled people. So, we train people to leverage the powers of their hearts and minds to manage their inner worlds better, while coaching them to courageously build a life rich with purpose, meaning, authenticity, love, and wellbeing.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.” ~ Bob Marley

The result is that people can live from the heart, love more openly & generously, and lead others with greater compassion, inspiration and influence.

What You Can Do With Inner Management Tools:



Observe Your Own Mind

Be more conscious & aware on a more regular basis. To be an astute observer of one’s own mental, emotional and physical states or goings-on.

Activate Presence

Be able to get out of your head and a world of illusion, into the present moment, grounded, centered, balanced, coherent, clear, focused, intentional optimal – living here, now, at peace with the moment

Emotional Agility

Be able to halt an emotional process/reaction/pattern midstream or before it starts and to choose a higher, more optimal and effective response in alignment with your values and goals.

Perspective & Perception Shifting

Be able to shift not only your perspectives but one’s own perception / interpretation / experience of an event, situation, person, dilemma, challenge.

Generate Positive Emotion

Be able to cultivate peace, positivity, openness, hopefulness and appreciation in the moment – to generate good feelings.

In each and every one of the fundamentals above, we can use the heart as a gateway or the lever to presence, power, positivity and possibilities.

Now imagine what you can do with these tools and how they’ll enhance your experience of life. Consider both personally and professionally.


Focus Areas

It is now well known that we can’t change the mind from the same level of mind – we’d run ourselves into endless loops. But we can intervene on an emotional level, and change our states using the power of our hearts.

That’s why this is called HeartRich – nurturing our physical and figurative hearts using mindbody practices, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology.

HeartRich offers a comprehensive approach and a growing toolkit of effective and powerful techniques or practices that help us build resilience, improve wellbeing, enhance fulfillment, and nurture our growth & evolution.

“The present belongs to those who are present.”


Developing mindfulness, self awareness, self regulation & self management abilities to manage our moment to moment experience and give ourselves the true choice of how we wish to live.


Discovering & honoring who we really area, challenging ourselves to take courageous, intentional and values-based actions, meeting our needs in more effective ways, shedding layers of false identity, limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that don’t serve us.


Resilience is the capacity to come back to our true selves in a state of calm after challenges, adversity, stress, pain or setbacks. Having resilience and being confident about your resilience capacity changes your whole approach to life. You no longer avoid challenge or fear or pain – you face it and know that you grow stronger from it.


Honoring our values and sense of purpose, living from our strengths, being more heart-centered & intentional, appreciating the positive aspects of life & priming positive emotions in ourselves & others, learning to reflect & acknowledge ourselves regularly leads to fulfillment.

Without helping people gain some mastery of their inner world (to be self aware, self regulating & living intentionally not reactively), they are always at a disadvantage and will not be able to evolve or stay at higher levels of being.

Fear & our typical, conditioned, stress responses will almost always pull them back to their old/adaptive self. Our responses to stress – the automatic chain of events that happen within us – can impair us, and make us do things that aren’t so wise and loving, ultimately contributing to a negative reinforcing spiral.

It is here, in this inner domain, that we aim to be of service. To help you become more conscious and aware of your inner talk and inner emotional and physiological patterns – especially the destructive and toxic ones.

Join us in creating a world with more presence, wisdom and love. Have a look at our premier course – The HeartRich Fundamentals – to learn how to better manage your inner world for a better experience in the outer world.

The HeartRich Fundamentals

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